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Michelle Mendonça Bambawale

Michelle Mendonça Bambawale wears many hats: professional educator, amateur photographer, passionate environmentalist, balcony gardener, and wannabe ambassador for world peace. Now, she adds another: writer! Her debut book, Becoming Goan, describes the road to her roots in her provocative, tongue-in-cheek style. Michelle has been writing for as long as she can remember, from inventing plays in primary school to writing scripts in college. As a young professional in India, she contributed to the Times of India, Young Mother, Femina and A&M (Advertising and Marketing), and then to the Khaleej Times and Gulf News in the UAE.

When she moved to Bangkok, Michelle changed gears. She began working in curriculum at an international school. As part of her professional development, Michelle began blogging in 2008. It was a tool for self-reflection. She continued to blog when she moved to London. It helped her to deal with the stress of relocation and to remember her experiences. The Covid -19 pandemic pushed Michelle to write again. She was looking for a way to process her emotions and to record this important time in history; the uncertainty of a pandemic on the one hand, and the solidity of reconnecting to her roots in Goa on the other. These reflections gave birth to her first book, Becoming Goan.

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