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Dee Lestari

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Dewi Lestari, also known with her pen name Dee Lestari, is a multi-talented Indonesian artist renowned for her contributions to music, literature, and cinema.

Recognized as one of Indonesia’s most influential figures in the arts and entertainment realm, Dee boasts a diverse repertoire encompassing music albums, bestselling novels, screenplays, and film adaptations. Beginning her musical journey with the trio “Rida, Sita, Dewi”, she later pursued a solo career under her own name. Her literary creations, such as the celebrated “Supernova” series, “Aroma Karsa”, and “Coffee Philosophy,” have garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards. For two consecutive years, Dee has received the Favorite Fiction Book and Favorite Reader Writer awards at the Indonesian Reader Awards. She is the only Indonesian writer who has been awarded the Book of the Year twice. She has published 18 books so far, mostly are fiction, along with several nonfiction books.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Dee Lestari has engaged in various commercial endeavors and advocacy initiatives, serving as a brand ambassador for several prominent brands and lending her voice to various important social causes.

A sought-after speaker, Dee has participated in numerous literary festivals, conferences, and forums both in Indonesia and abroad, sharing her insights on writing, creativity, and cultural exchange.
Throughout her illustrious career, Dee Lestari has received numerous accolades and awards for her outstanding contributions to music, literature, and society, solidifying her status as one of Indonesia’s most influential and respected cultural icons.

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