What Kitty Did

Kitty Roy’s life is in limbo.

It’s been six months since she ditched Scum, her ex-boyfriend, who had been cheating on her with the other sort of girl—poker straight hair, alabaster white, hanging on her arm a pygmy designer purse that can tuck in lipstick, phone, and brain. And Kitty is everything but the other sort of girl. She has more troubles than she can count on her fingers—badly behaved hair, a hateful salary that can buy her absolutely nothing she desires, a malfunctioning shower and doorbell, a dead-end job, a hyperactive imagination, and on top of everything—an ambitious mother who doesn’t let Kitty forget her problems. All of which, barring the mother and the hair, she believes has to do with the fact that she chose to study Literature at college, a degree which is ‘easy peasy lemon…utter balls’.

Kitty spends her days at the bottom rung of a fashion rag, writing articles about losing belly fat, and her evenings eating sugary things, smuggling herself into parties with free booze, and killing time with her friends at the neighbourhood dive.

But when a diplomat’s celebrity wife, Roxy Merchant, is found dead in their posh Golflinks bungalow, Kitty’s boss gives her a chance at writing a profile piece and the hint of a promotion. As she begins to work on her article, new evidence comes to light that Roxy Merchant’s death wasn’t what it seemed. With the help of Roxy’s bossy hairdresser, Maria, Kitty discovers she’s onto something big, something that could alter her life beyond all recognition.

But Kitty has a knack for bungling things up on an incredible scale. Will she manage to get to the bottom of the mystery? Can she haul herself out of the rut she’s in?

Set in the winter of her discontent, ‘What Kitty Did’ is a romantic caper zipping through the streets of Delhi.