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Lesli Berggren

From the moment her 13-year-old son got sick, Lesli Berggren began taking notes. She knew she could best take care of Nils if she kept herself organized and on top of his treatment. For the next year and a half, she stayed by his side: in hospitals in both Asia and the USA, through the highs and lows of drugs and therapy, and days both incredibly difficult and utterly joyful.
Thanks to her extensive experience, she is now well versed in patient advocacy, in hospital culture in different countries, in grieving programs, and how to find help when none seems available. This knowledge forms the basis for her book, a book only she could write. Now readers can benefit from her familiarity, wisdom, and heartfelt voice as Lesli relates the experiences she and her son shared during his illness, and how she learned to move forward after his death.
Lesli is a resilient survivor, a keen listener, and a loving soul. She advises Caring for Cancer Foundation, Kidney Foundation and The Red Pencil Art Program in Singapore on therapies to help with the mental wellness of their pediatric patients in hospitals.
Lesli is by nature an independent, creative person who has worked in PR and founded her own graphic design company. A native Texan, she has been living in Singapore for 17 years, where she is the creator of an eponymous jewelry line and the mother of a beautiful daughter.